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Monday, January 2, 2012

January 2012 - Street Photography in Camden Town

The Piano Man...

The streets of Camden Town were alive on New Years Eve 2011.  It was a cold day 
however this expressive piano player was keeping warm with his energetic performance 
wearing just a cotton shirt and jeans.  He was good at his art and 
had lots of folks stopping to listen as they passed by on their Saturday out in Camden Town.  
I have to note...  I only realized after preparing this image for posting that 
my buddy Gerry had chosen images of the same guy for his blog post today (sorry G).   
So, in contrast to Gerry's black & white images and staying true to my love of pops of color 
in my images,  I offer my shot as a color study of the piano man.
Best Wishes to all in 2012


  1. This image looks so much better in color then it does in black and white plus you got a different angle and expression. No need to be sorry, I love it =)

  2. Hey, Gerry.... I think color wins here! lol.

    Great image Cheryl. I love pianos all open like this, seeing the hammers working away as the player works the keys. I like the red brickwork; it adds that Londonish street market feel.

  3. Nice one, Cheryl! The color does give a completely different feel for the scene, very balanced, I think.

  4. Thanks for all the comments. Glad everyone liked the color version of the Piano Man!