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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 2012 - Street Photography on Marylebone High Street

Who you looking at....

Sat out having a sandwich today and took
several photos while people watching over lunch.
It was a cool yet comfortable day and there was no rain 
so there were plenty of people out on the streets.
This guy wasn't sure if I was aiming for him
or moving on to others.  Don't think he wanted to be in my photo
however he didn't say anything.


  1. very nice love the depth of field in this shot as well as how you framed him... its great to see photos in which people aren't in the middle of the images ... like most of mine lol Great job CC

  2. Love this shot. Great framing. Excellent DoF, background blur. Most importantly, his expression and look.

  3. Thanks guys. Luck plays into the composition sometimes and that was certainly the case here. They guy was walking at a good pace and with the 85mm I was using that day I was pleased I was able to catch him.