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Friday, January 13, 2012

January 2012 - Street Photography on Marylebone High Street

All in a days work...
I find London to be pretty clean city as far as large cities go and there are a lot of people 
working to keep it that way.  This guy is one of the many hard working people 
helping to keep London clean.  Every day there are city workers out sweeping 
the side walks, collecting trash, and generally improving the city.  
Given the thousands of people walking the streets of this wonderful city 
it is inevitable you will see trash bags waiting to be picked up, or a food wrapper 
on the curb.  That said, I think London is pretty clean for a city of its size.
There are so many other parts of the world with unbelievably dirty cities 
it's nice to visit a city that takes pride in keeping the streets clean.
This young man saw me aiming my camera at him and continued on 
doing the task at hand emptying the city street waste bins 
without regard for me or my camera.   I was pleased he did.
A big thanks go out to the hard working city workers keeping London streets clean!


  1. Hey CC, I like how the City of Westminster is in focus and everything else falls off, also your eyes get drawn to the cleaning cart great catch ... by the way you need to send in your photo of the day to London, it sounds like you are giving them a great pitch =) I have to agree with you London is very clean ...

  2. Nice picture, Cheryl. In NY we have clean neighborhoods and places that are routinely and constantly trashed.

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