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Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 2012 - Street Photography at Paddington Park

Just a Walk in the Park...
The gentleman here was spotted during a walk earlier this year in a nearby park.  He is
such an interesting subject with the hat, walking stick, and one white glove.  
I wish someone had of been walking either with him or by him
to give perspective -- he might have been a little over 5' tall.
He spoke to no one on his walk through the park.
What stories he must have to tell.... wish I had a chance to talk to him!


  1. Nice image CC.... no offense but he looks like one of Snow Whites dwarfs ... that is a great catch...

  2. Yep, quite a character. Someone should do a story on him...

  3. he is an interesting character. I would have got a shot of him too! Interesting fashion sense. lol.

    Life is full of characters... and photographers!

  4. Loved this guy! Agree Mike, this guy would be a great subject for an article. You can see it in his face... he has stories to tell.