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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December 2011 - Street Photography at Stables Market

Colorful Camden....

Another image from the Camden area -- this colorful guy was spotted in Stables Market a few days ago. 
The two-tone mohawk hairstyle, the almost feathery green jacket/top, 
and the jewelry made for an attention getting look on his look to Stables to pick up some lunch.  
He certainly stood out in the crowd with so many people wearing black and neutral colors.
Love the eclectic styles found in Camden Town and other areas of London.


  1. Very nice you captured him in all his glory.... Hard be believe he looked in the mirror in the morning before leaving his house and thought he looked good. To each his own.... thats what I say =) Great capture CC

  2. Amazing colors, and incredible individuality on his behalf... even though he reminds me of one of Jim Henson's muppet type creations!

  3. Yeah, wow, that's colorful. I will just say again I'm glad we live in a world where there are people who have the .... whatever, to be flamboyant and eccentric. Wouldn't want everyone to be as boring as I am when it comes to fashion :-)

  4. I think you all captured the essence of this guy perfectly..... incredible individuality, flamboyant, and eccentric!!
    Bill - what a great way to describe the look... a live muppet creation indeed!
    Mike/Gerry - I'm with ya on this.... my conservative and boring fashion sense just can't compete with this guy ;)