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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 2012 - Street Photography

Coffee Break...
A coffee break has these two gentlemen concentrating on something!
I enjoyed the contrast in this image of the one man with a paper and the other on the computer.  
No telling what they are so intently working on....  
could the man with the paper be working a crossword or soduko puzzle.  
Who knows..... maybe he's circling adds for jobs or housing!  
Neither noticed me as I snapped a few images of them.


  1. that is a nice capture CC, I love the exposer, both inside the coffee house and outside, you framed it perfectly and they do draw you in.... what is the guy on the computer looking at?

  2. I really like these kinds of images. I love shots of cafes, bars and restaurants; especially along the street line. Two people here from different worlds, sharing the same thing... time out and coffee (or tea).

  3. Thanks guys. No telling what the guy on the computer is up to or looking at. That said, like Bill I really like the contrast and similarities presented by the two guys in the photo.