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Saturday, January 21, 2012

January 2012 - Street Photography in Greenwich

And the ladies of Greenwich....
It's wonderful seeing the "young at heart" out at the markets. 
This great lady was spotted at the Greenwich Clock Tower market perusing the
unique items available at the antique/flea market.  You never know what treasure might
be found at these markets....  my favorite was the images captured!  
More to follow on this post tomorrow.  
Above is a late addition to the January street photography posting.  
Regret I have been off-line for a bit and am now just catching up.  I've been 
pre-occupied with organizing my photo files and working with some new 
software so have been delinquent in my postings of late.  
February postings will start shortly and I'll hopefully be back on 
track for regular postings again at that time!


  1. Wow, what a character! Sunset Boulevard. The back-lit hair is great.

  2. CC by far this is my favorite shot of yours... it was tough lighting that day and you managed to make it work for you. I love the hair light and the great look on her face. You did an outstanding job... Your photos are getting stronger by the day... and you were already at a good photography standpoint.

  3. Thanks for the feedback guys. Our photo walk group and the mentoring is definitely helping to improve my images. Appreciate the continued feedback and mentoring.

  4. The top looks like an aging film star. The mentoring etc sounds intresting, I have been trying to find a way to get constructive crit on images to help me improve cos Flickr isn't really cutting it. There are things around but they don't really concentrate on street photography...