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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 2012 - Street Photography on Brick Lane

Portraits on Brick Lane...

As evident from the collection of portraits here, the faces of Brick Lane are many and vary greatly.
This interesting gentlemen was spotted trying to sell peacock feathers on a cold winter day.

This great looking couple was spotted on Brick Lane.  
I loved their look as did others --- they attracted lots of attention.
This photo and the one below are just a sampling of the awesome 
folks you can see on Brick Lane.  For more interesting street photography 
from Brick Lane check out my photo walk buddy and 
fellow blogger Bill's recent post.  

Spotted this friendly guy while walking through the markets on Brick Lane this past weekend.  
When he spotted me aiming the camera his way his response was pleasing -- giving me a quick grin 
and not minding the photo being taken at all.   I thanked him and went on my way 
as he was talking to a friend at the time.  I loved his look and his mixed collection of goods 
for sale to include a variety of antique items from tea cups to framed art work and light fixtures.  
The weather was cold and clear this weekend resulting in a busy day 
at the markets -- hope his day of sales was as good as our was collecting images.


  1. That is a great shot. He looks very proud of his shop. A real ye-olde world style look.

    I like the DoF on this, makes a change for foreground objects to be out of focus field. This adds nice depth and feel to image.

    It was a great day out CC.

  2. I agree with Bill, the DOF is awesome in this shot, you framed him perfectly and you didn't wast the shot ... he gave you a great smile and you returned the favor with a really nice image.

  3. Thanks for a great day out this weekend and the feedback on the image above. More from our photo walk to follow....

  4. Great shots, Cheryl! The older gentleman perfectly fits his little shop, very cool. The colorful couple look made for each other.

  5. Like your portraits of people. If it cost no effort to produce such pictures. I think it is one of the most difficult parts of photography at all. Thanks for showing.

  6. Thanks, guys. Appreciate the feedback. I do love getting images of interesting looking people. Fun to capture them as they go about their day.