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Monday, February 13, 2012

February 2012 -- First images... Ricoh GRD-IV

The GRD-IV Discovery 
First and foremost I must send my regrets for the gap in my postings.  
Time has gotten away from me in recent weeks.  First I started a project 
of organizing photo files online, next starting using a new software, and lastly
decided to add a new camera to my collection!  And while the above is not
an excuse, it may help you understand where my attention has been lately. 
So while February is only about half way done below is the start of my February postings.
Walking around London or any big city with a DSLR doesn't always work 
to a street photographers advantage and a smaller, less obvious camera can offer 
an opportunity to capture more candid shots at times.  With this in mind and after a 
couple photo walks with a fellow blogger (Bill Wellham) sharing 
his happiness with the GRD-3, I was convinced the Ricoh GRD-IV 
would be a good addition to my camera collection.   The GRD-IV is small yet 
still has a sturdy feel, a nice grip, a wide fixed lens which works great in crowded cities, 
and offers loads of manual settings.  Below are five of the images taken 
within the first week of having the GRD-IV.  These images show my 
experimentation with different lighting situations, movement, and numerous 
camera settings.  As you will see, I am still learning this camera however a few 
good shots came in the first few days of use so that's a good sign!
Welcome your feedback on the GRD-IV images :)
Tube music...
Waiting on Regent Street
A cold day at work.... 
No Smoking
The bus ride home.


  1. What a great litle set with your new Ricoh.... and you've only just started. It can be a slow learning curve with the GRD, but once you have set up your 'my1', 'my2' and 'my3' settings, you'll really find it easy to use without too much fiddling.

    You start to get a feel of how amazingly close to people you can be without them even knowing. Also, considering it's size, it is good in low light situations.

    It is a great 'complimentary camera' to your DSLR, but you may find yourself leaving your biggy at home sometimes.

    Looking forward to some more.

  2. Hey CC, what a great start, I love the photos my favorite has to be the second one, you did a great job at handholding what shows a slow shutter yet keeping your main subject in focus ... out standing.. I love them all. This proves that the camera doesnt make the photo its the photographers eye and you have it. I can't wait to see the rest of your images.

  3. Really nice Cheryl, and welcome back. Congrats on the new camera, you've made really good use of it in a short amount of time. Agree with Gerry about the man & the bus, fabulous.