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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 2012 - GRD-IV Images

Thailand: GRD-IV style

The GRD-IV testing has changed locations.
 Thailand will be the subject of my testing for a bit as I travel on holiday.
  The first batch of images from Thailand are a mix of subjects.  Enjoy!  

One Buddha, two buddha, three buddha..........
so many I stopped counting! 
What a great smile this gentleman offered.
 This is a simple example of how friendly the Thai people are in the hustle and bustle of Bangkok.
Beautiful flowers are everywhere in Bangkok.
This woman is stringing little flowers at a roadside market  stand.


  1. These are awesome shots and I don't think the vignette is too much ... keep that shot as it is. keep up the good work and enjoy Thailand

  2. You can see how well the Ricoh translates color from these; and Thailand is full of color! I like the vignette, but then I am always adding vignettes to shots. Was this the built-in vignette effect on the Ricoh? Or post process?

    A am already a little jealous that you and Gerry are gonna be GRDIV owners. I just need to convince my wife that I NEED the latest model. (hmmmmm)

  3. Ahh, I was wondering what part of the world you were in :-) Very nice colors and compositions. I'll be jealous for a long time, as there's no room for a new camera in my life for the foreseeable future...

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Really appreciate the feedback.
    @ Bill - the vignette was post process.... I'm still learning all the features of the GRD. I'll have to play with the built-in vignette. It will be fun for us to go out on our next photo walk all having GRDs. You can tutor Gerry and I since you're a pro at it now :)
    @ Mike - all you need to do is come visit for a photo walk with Gerry, Bill, and myself and I'll loan you can use my GRD!