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Friday, February 17, 2012

February 2012 - GRD-IV Images

Yoga Thailand 
Visiting Thailand this February offered not only the opportunity to
take photographs of wonderful people and places.  It also offered the opportunity
to attend a yoga retreat with Simon Low and Jeff Phenix -- two great
yoga instructors offering a dynamic week of yoga.  The attendees included
people from across the globe -- England, Switzerland, Estonia, Finland, and the United States 
as well as other locations.  The images in the last three postings provided views 
from Bangkok and Koh Samui.   Today's images focus on yoga.

Jeff Phenix


  1. Well done CC, these are fantastic !!

  2. Brilliant shots. Good use of that F1.9 !

  3. Thanks, guys. I did most of this photo shoot with my Canon DSLR and only towards the end did I use the Ricoh GRD and get in the edge of the pool to get these close up angles. Afterwards I wished I had done more from this close up angle. I was pleased with the look of them.