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Thursday, February 16, 2012

February 2012 - GRD-IV Images

Beach Wildlife...
Who knew there were not only monkeys on the beach in Thailand 
but also water buffalo and roosters!  Those of you who know me
know I love wildlife so the creatures below were a bonus to find on this trip to the beach!

The monkey is used to pick coconuts from the trees!  The kind gentleman
had the monkey pick a coconut from a tree and opened it for us so we could taste the sweet natural juices.
This guy walked the water buffalo down the beach each afternoon
and would let the buffalo take a dip in the ocean (he layed down and rolled around in the surf)
before turning around and heading back down the beach towards home.  
More island wildlife....  everyone is extremely friendly and willing to have their picture taken.
(and no one asks to be paid to be in a photo as in some other countries)


  1. Great local people images... Love the nig buffalo head and horns... What a beast!

  2. these images are amazing and knowing you shot them with your GRD is even more amazing because you were so use to using your zoom and now you are working close to people with a 28mm lens... it makes these photos even better. Great job all three are wonderful but I love the Water Buffalo the best.

  3. Thanks guys. I'm enjoying playing with the new GRD-IV. Definitely taking some adjusting after using the zoom for so long however I'm having fun with it.

  4. Nice series Cheryl, it looks so natural and everyday for them, yet so exotic for us (western) city dwellers. Especially love the water buffalo!

  5. Thanks, Mike. It was unusual to see a water buffalo cooling off in the surf! Appeared to be a regular routine for him to take a walk down the beach, take a dip and cool off, then walk back down the beach back home.