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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 2012 - GRD-IV Images

Moving on foot...
While many move around town via automobile, bus, or Tuk-Tuk, 
there are plenty of people working about town in the streets moving goods 
around Bangkok.  Below are a few pics of these hard working people. 


  1. nice images and I love how you selected these by giving us different angles to look at. nicely done and boy you were close ... great job

  2. Agreed, pretty bold, you guys must have nerves of steel...

  3. Saw lots of these guys moving goods about the city. No nerves of steel, Mike. In a situation like the ones above it was easy to stop and get the shot. When I saw someone/something of interest headed my way, I just stopped and let them get closer into view for the shot. The Ricoh GRD is so small that even when walking down the street you can raise it at the last minute and get some really close shots. Yes, you sometimes still get reactions however not like when using the big DSLRs.