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Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 2012 - GRD-IV Images

On the move....
It goes without saying, transportation in Bangkok is a bit crazy at times. 
 The sensory overload related to transportation in Bangkok 
hits you as soon as you enter downtown and see five lanes of bumper-to-bumper traffic 
in one direction with one lane of traffic going the opposite direction.  Then you notice 
the various vehicles including cars, buses, taxis, motorcycles, mopeds, and Tuk-Tuks.  
 Above all this traffic you will see the skywalk above the traffic
giving above road walking access as well as access to trains.   

Pleonchit Rd, Bangkok
Taxis, motor cycles, and mopeds
An overloaded Tuk-Tuk..... 
View from the backseat of the Tuk-Tuk in stop and go traffic.
This was an interesting ride from one side of town to the other!


  1. Wow I see your vacation also doubled as a successful photo shoot. You did outstanding, I love these images. the first one with the depth of field is amazing... and the last one you feel as if Im in the taxi with you... great job

  2. Nice, Cheryl. The traffic looks nightmarish, but that's just part of city life these days...Love the panda bear decor in the Tuk-Tuk :-)

  3. What a crazy place... those little vans, cars, cabs and motocycles zooming around everywhere. Nice shots on the move!

  4. The traffic is crazy in Bangkok. That said, I was much more put off by the traffic when I visited Bangkok in the 80's than I was this trip.... I guess spending time in London in recent years has numbed me a bit to big city traffic!!