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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December 2011

'Tis the Season
Every where we look we see the holiday season around us.  
The lights are lit, decorations are hung, 
and the air is alive with the sounds of the season.
Enjoy the wonders around you 
where ever you are this holiday season!
Happy Holidays 
and Best Wishes for the New Year!!

Oxford Street
Regent Street
The lights of the city are a blaze especially in Hyde Park at the Winter Wonderland.  
Tonight was a great night at the park -- mild temps and the crowds weren't bad either.   
If you are in the area and haven't been able to test out the rides make the time to give it a whirl.
The rides are great fun :)
I must note, the three pics below were taken with my Canon point and shoot. 
My main purpose was to go on a few rides so no DSLR this time!

Ornaments & Decorations


  1. Gorgeous images. You could make xmas cards out of these!

  2. Nice, Ceryl. My photo club's assignment this month was to shoot winter holiday images, very timely :-)

  3. Hey Cheryl I agree with Bill you should make these into Christmas cards .... the ones you have are awesome but these would go great as well. You are holding out lol

  4. I like the addition of the Winter Wonderland shots. Especoally the panprama view.

    How was it? Busy? Fun? Mad?

  5. Really a great photoblog. I love these photos:) My friend referred it to me. Looks like everyone knows about it, just I didn't...until now. Waiting new photos;)
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  6. Thanks for the comments guys.
    @ Bill - it was great last night at the Winter Wonderland. The weather was good, busy however the crowds weren't too crazy, and definitely fun! Went on a couple of rides for the first time in years -- high flying, spinning, and lots of fun :)

  7. Love the additional pics - great lights, color, designs. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, Cheryl!