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Saturday, November 26, 2011

November 2011 (continued....)

On the road 
(or river as the case may be)
This much delayed post (due to travel and lack of internet 
connections) contains photos from Florida, USA.  
A bit of variety and swing back to nature and wildlife -- a subject
I really enjoy and a contrast to the city shots.



  1. Welcome back Cheryl (to blogging, that is)

    Nice shots, especially the last two - my son is a frog fanatic, I'll send it to him :-)

    I like the yellow boat and the cool reflections of the sky on the water in both. Hope you had fun on the road...

  2. Nice shots CC, glad to see you had some good weather in Florida. What is impressive about these images is you don't have your normal photography kit with you. It goes to show it doesn't matter the size or quality of the camera its the photographers eye that counts. Great job!!

  3. All very interesting shots. Frog is cute!

    I also like the boat image.. I can imagine being on that boat, quietly rowing through the reeds.

    Looks like you're having a gtreat time.

  4. Thanks guys. The weather did cooperate -- sunny and perfect temps. Only down side was I only got three days in Florida. That said, I did get a few extra -- unexpected -- days on vacation so I'm not complaining. Those transportation strikes occasionally play in our favor :)