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Saturday, November 12, 2011

November 2011

A day out at a Vintage Car Show recently offered 
some interesting characters 
in addition to the amazing automobiles from
the turn of the century - 1900 style.
(A few images of the vehicles will follow in the coming days)

And, of course, the focus of the Vintage Car show....
The Cars
Loved the detail of these amazingly restored 1900's automobiles.
Unique designs, nice lines, and lots of shine.  Enjoy! 


  1. Nice ones, Cheryl. Love the outfits, and the one with the lady in particular is nicely framed, nice colors.

  2. Hey CC, you did a great job at isolating them and getting some really good expressions.

  3. Thanks, guys.
    @ Mike - the lady was my favorite as well
    @ Gerry - as you know.... love to zoom :)

  4. Nice set of images... for me, the actual mechanical details of the automobiles are what I like best. I like how you captured little segments of 'turn of the century' engineering in all its leather, polished brass and beautiful paintwork.


  5. Glad you enjoyed these Bill. You'll have to come out and join us for a walk again soon. Nikki and I will have a stall at Kew Sparkle on 2 Dec (Friday night). If you happen to be in the area stop by and visit us.

  6. The car details are fabulous, looks like you had some good light to work with , nice compositions.