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Monday, August 22, 2011

Week of 22 August 2011

  Color and Light
Cathedrals, abbeys, minsters, and mosques offer fabulous
stained glass windows casting a beautiful glow on the stone floors below.  
This weeks posting offers a sampling of my stained glass collection:

Notre Dame
Paris, France
Kocatepe Mosque
Ankara, Turkey
San Benedetto Monastery
The Cathedral of St. Etienne
Metz, France
Arundel Cathedral
West Sussex, England


  1. Nice idea, Cheryl. Look forward to your other cathedral shots. Beautiful stained glass. One day I'll get down to the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and take a few...

  2. Lovely image. You can't beat stained glass for such amazing colours. The best part is when you are in a church with these windows, and then the sun suddenly comes out from behind a cloud, and the coloured light beams put amazing colours on walls and polished wooden floors.

    Well crooped too. Nice and straight.

    I will have to find some of these to photograph.

  3. Appreciate the comments guys. You've given me a new idea. I hadn't thought of before -- trying to capture the reflections of the stained glass on the wood or stone floors. I'll have to remember to try this if there is an opportunity on a very bright day. Thanks for the comments.... and the idea for a new angle on stained glass images.

  4. Cheryl - love the arrangement of elements in that last pic, and of course the colors. I think I would like to see these in separate posts, however, to better highlight each individual shot - MHO :-)

  5. Thanks, Mike. I agree -- the format of multiple pictures needs some work. I'm playing with it as I continue to add more and will hopefully find a look that works. After seeing Gerry's post with multiple pics think I might need a border on the images to set them off from the background. I'm open to suggestions if you have any ideas :)

  6. Ahh, much better!!!! I like the border, really sets them off. Much cleaner. These look nice together as a collection, too.

  7. Thanks, Mike. I decided to go international with this grouping. Maybe in the future I'll do some stained glass collections by country :)

  8. They look great with the borders ... it really does make them stand out. Good Job CC....

  9. Nice set, Cheryl, look forward to next week's theme. San Benedetto is my favorite - colors, arrangement, symmetry, all good :-)

  10. I love these shots. Stained glass windows are so beautiful and so difficult to capture. I either get them over exposed because of the light coming through them and I'm in a dark cathedral so I've metred the light wrong, or they just look dull.
    I've been to Metz Cathedral too. Did you take any shots of the Marc Chagall windows there?

  11. @ Nikki - I don't have any of the Chagall windows. I'm willing to go back if you want to make a road trip :) Great antique flea markets outside Metz as well!