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Thursday, August 18, 2011

18 August 2011

Old vs. New
Architecture offers wonderful subjects for traditional, modern, and abstract images.  
Below are two architectural images to include 1) a contrast of old and new and 
2)  an architectural abstract.   I considered going B&W however I felt the first photo 
lost the old-new contrast when the color was removed! 
I was inspired to post architectural images after seeing the strong images 
posted earlier this week by Bill Wellham (see link on my blog list).   
Awesome photos Bill!


  1. I really like these. You are right in keeping the colour, as the Leadenhall Market is a gorgeous building. Lloyds is virtually B&W anyway. The colour amplifies the difference between old and new. I'm glad you are enjoying your architecture. It's amazing how many people wander around the city, staring at their phone, without ever looking above the first floor. There is so much to see up there.

  2. I agree about the color - nice job. Great subjects too, very interesting buildings. and nice sharpness and B&W tones on the second shot. What the heck is that building anyway?

  3. Mike - the building you're asking about is part of the Lloyds building Bill referred to in his comment. It's a huge, unique, very industrial looking building. The funny thing is you walk out of the historic Leadenhall building and get struck by this contrasting industrial building! Funny thing on the second photo.... it wasn't converted to B&W. The colors you see is how the image was documented in color!

  4. That's amazing, I looked at it again and can't see any evidence of any color at all!

  5. It is an amazing building. Although incredibly modern and futuristic, it was built 25 years ago!