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Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo of the Day - 8/12/11

Signology.....  Love this sign!
While traveling the globe you are bound to encounter
lots of new, unique, and culturally diverse things.  
Signs can be especially fun.  Keep an eye out for signs that are different
from those found in your own country.   You may be 
amused, amazed, and even shocked by what you find on signs around the globe.
This sign was found in New Zealand!


  1. Did you see any penguin kidnappings? That is such a cool sign and something I need to keep in mind when I travel. Thanks CC

  2. lol... I didn't see any penquin kidnappings, penguin baby sitters or penguin crossing guards either!!

  3. That is really cute. Well spotted. Im still confused to what it may mean. LOL

  4. Same here! Is it a school crossing? Is penguin a nickname for a crossing guard?

  5. No penguin isn't a nickname for a crossing guard as far as I know. This was spotted driving out of the Artic Center in Christchurch, NZ. Needless to say they have lots of penguins at the Artic Center :)