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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Photo of the Day - 8/9/11

Bikes and Trains....now Automobiles
Unfortunately the senseless violence in London continues.
This image shows only a portion of the police vehicles headed into central London 
to preposition for the expected rioting tonight.  Wish I could say the police 
weren't needed tonight however it is now late at night and the 
helicopters and sirens are still being heard occasionally.  


  1. Good image. This will certainly be a week we will want to forget, but will be unable to forget. What is happening to our world?

  2. Thanks, Bill. Not seeing any of the rioting from my location thankfully. Just hear the helicopters and sirens! How about you? Are you any where that you are more directly affected? Hope this craziness calms down soon. It's so senseless.

  3. Hope you stay safe and what the hell is going on over there? :-/

  4. Well I live out in Colchester, and so I guess we have been quite safe compared to the larger towns and cities. But there has been a large police presence every evening. Colchester is one of the largest British Army garrisons in England, so those nasty kids would be really foolish to try anything here, with soldiers wandering around.

    Hopefully, things will start to quieten down everywhere. But it certainly has been an horrific week.