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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

17 August 2011

After all the comments on my post two days ago about being able 
to "smell the city" when looking at a photo I was moved to post 
a food photo.  While this is different from getting to "smell the city" from a photo,
it may have a similar effect :)  


  1. Looks delicious Cheryl :-) Nice colors too.

  2. What a sweet smelling photo this is =) I love the colors and of course you are awesome at shooting abstract =) Like I told Mike and Bill thanks for sharing and all these images bring a smile to my face... It seems that most of my shots aren't as carefree as yours, Mikes and Bills. Your images are refreshing

  3. This looks so sweet and colourful. (I don't eat enough fruit lol). Your photo has given me the idea to try and start photographing different foods and meals. I have never tried it before, and it would be a change from big grey buildings and grey people! Thanks for this one, and I would love to see more of your foody work too.

  4. Thank guys! Appreciate the feedback.
    @ Bill -- food can be fun to photograph. I'm especially fond of bakeries. They offer some beautiful treats for the eye :) I'll post some more photos for the senses in the coming days but first I need to post some architecture. Your shots from yesterday inspired me!

  5. There's that word again I just posted in another comment - inspired!

    Gerry - don't know what you mean by "carefree" but it doesn't feel that way to me! Maybe shooting people is stressing you a little? :-)