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Monday, August 15, 2011

15 August 2011

The place to be...
A photo blogging buddy, Bill Willhem, has a great "Moving Subjects" blog.  
His latest post includes images of London from 2006-2008 and the first two photos 
are some of my favorite locations:  Carnaby Street and St. Christopher's Place.  
Today I offer two images to compliment Bill's photographs.   
Like Bill, my images were also taken to document the location 
as opposed to getting a great artistic shot however they are fun none the less.  

Interesting to see the primary building in the St. Christopher's Place 
photos went from blue to purple from when Bill took his photo 
to when I took mine from earlier this year.
(You can check out Bill's blog via the link for Moving Subjects in My Blog List)


  1. Thanks CC for posting these. I have to say that yours are much more full of life and atmosphere. Carnaby Street looks really good at evening/night time. You have proved something special here: 'It is the people that make a city great'. Great images.

  2. Thanks, Bill. The Carnaby Street photo was taken last year during the holidays so I also got the addition of the decorations hanging overhead to add to the atmosphere :)

  3. Nice shots... I forgot which photographer said this, but he said that" if you can't smell the street by looking at a street photo, then it's not Street photography" I can feel the vibe through these images..... I think it was Bruce Gilden who said that....

  4. Lively is a good word to describe them, very nice. For me it's more about hearing the hustle & bustle of the crowd and the music of the holiday scene (I don't know if they play music, but that's how I imagine it).

  5. One of my favourite places in London - St Christopher's Place - it's always lively and bustling.

    And Gerry, it was Bruce Gilden. He said: "If you can smell the street by looking at the photo, it's a street photograph." (I've just looked it up in the book "Street Photography Now"