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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Week of 29 August 2011

Story telling DOORS....
European architecture provides a wide variety of beautiful 
windows and doors.  The history and stories are not always obvious.
Many doors in England offer a hint of the history or story behind
a given residence.  Guess we'll have to use our imagination to finish the story :)  
Below are just a few that have caught my attention during my travels.

"The First House"
"The House with Two Front Doors"
"The House Opposite"

"The Little House"

"Tudor House"


  1. Welcome back Cheryl (to Blogville, that is). Love the theme, and you've found some really nice doors. Love the Tudor House door.

  2. I will also welcome you back to blogville =) and I love the two front door shot =)

  3. This is a good theme Cheryl. Doors make great photo images. Easy to frame, many varieties, and they're everywhere! Doors also have a real symbolism and further meaning (without wanting to get all deep and clever).

    I have taken a fair few doors in my time, and windows. Doors are barriers to a private place. But people give clues to their inner worlds by the kind of door they show to the public.

    I like these very much.... Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love images of doors and these made me smile. I remember a poster in th 80s of 'Dublin Doors'. It was literally shots of different front doors!

  5. Thanks for the feedback. I have always loved doors, windows, and architecture in different locations.
    @ Bill - funny how we look at architecture. You noted doors are barriers to a private place. I never think of them that way. In contrast, I look at them as an opening/entry into a private space. Either way the door does provide clues to the private world behind the door. You've made me think about the doors in a new way - thanks!