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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Week of 11 September 2011

Wild and Wonderful!!!
A visit to the Paradise Wildlife Park this past weekend for a photo shoot 
with the animals proved to be a lot of fun.   I've photographed animals previously
in the wild and in zoos but this experience proved to be a bit different.  
The park is home to some beautiful big cats however, at the end of the day,
I have to say the Ring-tailed Lemur were probably my favorite.  
We were given the opportunity to enter their habitat and interact with them.  
The Lemurs proved to be very playful and curious 
climbing on my backpack, my camera, and me!  
Below are a few images of my new furry friends :)


  1. Great shots Cheryl !!!!!! I like them all =)

  2. Thanks! How'd you like the face-to-face one's I sent ya. Pretty cute!

  3. Top image is a classic. All good though. Amazing eyes on these chaps.

  4. I love lemurs! Nice shots Cheryl. I like the inclusion of the little detail of the hand, or is it a foot?