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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week of 26 September 2011 (cont.)

Now on to other body parts.....
We started with the legs, 
now on to the back, chest, arms, and head (yes, the head!)
By the time I'm done sharing photos from the tattoo convention 
you'll probably have had more than your fill of this subject!  
That said, there were so many interesting images 
I'm going to continue to share them over the coming days.
Hope you enjoy :)

with lots of ink...
and chests...
This guy was getting the geometric pattern on his chest
all over his entire back
and arms...
as well as fingers - she had TINY WIFE written across her fingers 
and even up the neck and over the head!
The artists and tattoo art at the convention were awesome.
If you appreciate art and have the opportunity to attend a tattoo convention
it's definitely worth a visit.


  1. These are really nice shots, Cheryl. I love the third one from the bottom, just perfectly framed and exposed and all the rest.

  2. awesome collection Cheryl ... I love how you pay attention to details

  3. The nice thing about these very sharp images is the fact that you can zoom in and get lost in the artwork. Every shot is so detailed.