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Monday, September 19, 2011

Week of 18 September 2011

Wonderful Wildlife

To follow on last weeks posting of Ring-tailed Lemurs ,
this week continues the wildlife theme.  Photographing wildlife and nature are 
favorite subjects of mine.  The photo shoot at the Paradise Wildlife Park offered some 
great opportunities to capture wildlife on camera however not all habitats 
allowed unrestricted viewing.  Capturing the below subjects offered plenty of challenges 
and thus opportunities for testing our skills to eliminate the man-made structures in 
the habitats.  Zoom and depth of field helped in some cases however 
it didn't work in every case (as you will see below).      
Hope you enjoy these natural beauties....

Lounging Cheetah
Red Panda Profile
Snow Leopard
Zebra Abstract
Lion King
Eye of the Tiger


  1. Awesome shots Cheryl!!!! The Lion and the Zebra are my favorite shots!!

  2. Thanks, Gerry. I'm partial to the red panda profile myself :) That said, I was very happy with the lion shot as well given the obstacles presented by the habitat.

  3. Nice shots, Cheryl - I agree with Gerry about the lion and the zebra - nice framing. I know from the Bronx zoo it's not so easy to get good shots of these particular kinds of animals, they're either too far way or behind glass.

  4. Nice set of animals. The red panda is my favourite because of the dark background, but the lion has got the best hair style :)

    I went to Paradise Wildlife Park a few years ago. A very nice little place with lots for children to do there.

  5. Great shots Cheryl. My favourite is the Red Panda. Lovely portrait with the dark background