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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week of 4 September 2011

Awaiting Travel.....
I've been traveling the past two weeks and have really not had much time 
or been inclined to take many photos while on the road.    
Since I didn't take many other pics I snapped a few with my pocket camera 
(Canon powershot SD1400 IS) while in transit.  
Funny how many people were just as aware of me taking photos of them 
with the little camera as they are when I have my Canon DSLR!   
Guess I just need to get quicker and stop messing with the zoom trying to crop pics so much :) 

Doesn't look like anyone is happy here....
It's London -- how can they all be so unhappy?

Guess she found a good article....
Heathrow Airport, London

Computers help pass the time...

When does the next train arrive?

Airport Tram

Passing Time @ Airport Lounge
Newark Airport, New Jersey

Trying to get some business done at the Airport
Newark Airport, New Jersey


  1. Cool shots Cheryl, you did a good job at capturing the traveling mood, personally I love to travel so I am always happy. We are happy to have you back in sunny London =)

  2. Agreed. This is a nice set of images, with a certain continuity of style.

    That tube carriage does look a little tense. LOL.

    Everyone looks helpless when they are just waiting, finding things to do can be difficult. It's a shame that you see less and less people reading a real book nowadays. Sometimes I worry that real literature is slowly being replaced by facebook reading and smart phone playing. The only guy who looks really relaxed in the images, is the guy with his leg up and a book in his hand.

  3. Nice series, Cheryl! People are people, the saying goes. I imagine the day-to-day worries of life in London are not much different than those in NY, and even though the surroundings may differ, there's a universality to the serious looks on the faces of the people. And subways are like elevators, that enclosed space surrounded by strangers triggers a certain defensive stance and behavior.

  4. @ Bill -- agree the guy reading the book is definitely the most relaxed looking traveler captured in these pics. Any you are correct about the lack of books seen, however I can't really argue it when an IPAD or Kindle is so much lighter to carry when traveling.
    @ Mike -- thanks, as you note a city traveler is a city traveler.... doesn't much matter which city they are in :) and "defensive stance" is certainly a good descriptive for many of the folks in these images.