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Saturday, August 25, 2012

London's Calling.... City Spirit

London Olympics 2012... 
The 2012 Olympics have come and gone -- the city
has gotten back to its regular rhythm before the city shifts 
gears for the start of the Paralympics on 29 August.
The spirit of the games is enjoyed across London as you can see below....

Neighborhood spirit!
Fan spirit...  they got it in the bag!
A little Wenlock bowling team GB style...
Young Team GB fan flying the flag...
A gold medal for team GB


  1. A great set of Olympic images. Lots of colour coming through. I really like the movement in the child and flag shot.

  2. Great display of the british colors. Love especially the headbags. Is it possible to get your pictures a little bigger on your blog? I have some trouble to really appricate them on first sight and i don't think that is necessary.

  3. A great set of images. I love the bowling team and the people with the paper bags on their heads!
    It is amazing how over this year and last (with the Royal Wedding) the Union Jack has become a fashion accessory and you see it everywhere. I remember when flying the flag was the preserve of the far right and a few football hooligans and no-one else wanted to be seen with it for fear of being tarred with the same brush.