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Monday, July 30, 2012

Let the Games Begin

London Olympics 2012
London is a buzz 
celebrating the worlds greatest athletes!
The spirit shown in the first photo below is just an example 
of the bold, wonderful team spirit being demonstrated 
by people from across the globe 
that are in London to cheer on their home team.
This posting will continue to grow with the posting
of new photos over the course of the Olympic games.

Olympic Spirit at the Hyde Park venue.....
No doubt who she's cheering for during these Olympic games!!
Mounted Police - nice way to get around town these days :)

Masked men on the road course following the men's road race! 


  1. Nice shots, Cheryl! That first one is a classic, spectacular.

  2. Nice start to an Olympic photo series. Lots of different scenes. Great for people shots! My fave is the cycling shot, as I like the angle and movement. (although I probably would have cropped out the hands and etc in top right... but that's just me :) Looking forward to seeing more. I would love to get into London again soon for a wander and a shoot.

  3. Hi guys. Thanks as always for the comments.
    Bill -- thanks for the note on the cycling image. I mistakenly posted the unedited version. The correct file has replaced the originally posted image! appreciate you highlighting that for me.
    Mike -- I love how the Brits are not shy about dressing up in 'fancy dress' or painting their faces. Very fun atmosphere :)